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Ultras Want to Emulate Asean Cup Final Aura

Assalamualaikum... =))

Article for tomorrow match, Malaysia vs Singapore. Proud for all Malaysia bcoz 'melicinkan' all da tickets. Hopefully it comin back, da aura during Final AFF Suzuki Cup last year, and the 3-0 result. InsyaAllah =)

Ultras want to emulate Asean Cup final aura

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 06:36:00
KUALA LUMPUR: Ultras Malaya have vowed to bring the roof the down as they rally behind the national team.
Founding member Gozal Prasat said the Ultras will meet at the National Stadium as early as 3pm and start the fiesta going.
Ultras believe that Malaysia have a certain aura around them when they play at home and have previously proven to be a strong force at Bukit Jalil.
“Just look at the Asean Cup final against Indonesia. No one expected us to win the first-leg 3-0. If they can do it then, Malaysia can do it again,” said Gozal.
He is delighted with tickets sales thus far and admit he is rather surprised as there were a time when there were many tickets left even on match day. It is likely all tickets will be sold out today.
“All Malaysians should turn up in our national colours. That is the first thing that the players notice when they walk out of the tunnel. That will be an instant lift the morale of the players and Singapore will be intimidated,” he added.
Meanwhile, another member of Ultras, who only wishes to be known as Anak Memberontak, urges fans to come to the stadium with card boards of their desired scoreline.
He hopes this would further raise the spirit of the players.

Apa Kata Honey: Tiket untuk arini dah abeh wehh. Alhamdulillah ramai yang akan datang menyokong Harimau Malaya esok. Tak sabar ni. Aummm aummm aummmm!!

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