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Insiden %$#@&$% at Jalan Besar Stadium

Assalamualaikum... =))

Honey baru balik dari Singapore, terus on9, nak tengok komen-komen orang pasal match Singapore vs Malaysia malam tadi. Ramai yang tau Malaysia kalah, tapi ramai jugak yang tak tau apa insiden yang berlaku di stadium jalan yang besar itu. Baca nih

Fans wary of wounded Tigers

SINGAPORE - As Bahraini referee Nawaf Shukralla was about to blow for half-time, a scuffle broke out in the gallery between a section of the visiting Malaysian supporters and security personnel.

One Malaysian fan was sent to hospital after falling awkwardly in the melee.

That brief episode illustrated the tense but exciting encounter on the pitch when Causeway rivals Singapore and Malaysia clashed in the first leg of their second round 2014 World Cup (Asian Zone) qualifier at the Jalan Besar Stadium last night. The Lions won 5-3.

One Malaysian supporter, who only identified himself as Jay, claimed the fracas started after a paper cup was thrown onto the pitch, by one of the 1,000-odd visiting fans, after midfielder Shi Jiayi put the hosts 4-1 up after 45 minutes.

Security personnel identified the alleged culprit, but Jay claimed they got the wrong person which led to the scuffle in the stands.

"It was just a paper cup thrown, not a beer bottle or can or something dangerous," Jay told TODAY.

"The Singapore fans also thought we were provoking them with our songs, when we were only singing to support our team."

But while the incident quickly calmed down, the action on the pitch continued unabated, with Singapore eventually winning 5-3, courtesy of two goals from Aleksandar Duric and one each from Qiu Li, Mustafic Fahrudin and Shi Jiayi.

The Lions now take that two-goal advantage into the second-leg at the Bukit Jalil Stadium this Thursday.

However, Singapore fans TODAY spoke to had mixed feelings about the result.

"It's a win, but a very shaky one going into the second leg," said Muhd Arif, 23. "Everything, except their defending, was all right with the Lions tonight."

Redzza Rahman, 23, added: "We may have won, but Malaysia have three away goals. It will be very difficult for us in Bukit Jalil. All they need is two goals and not concede and they win."

While both plan to travel to Kuala Lumpur for the second leg, sales executive Colin Ng is not too sure yet if he will make the trip.

"When Malaysia scored first in less than a minute, I thought it would be another 4-0, 5-0 thrashing like we had (at the 2002 ASEAN Football Federation Cup)," said the 27-year-old Lions fan.

"They should have taken a forward off and put a midfielder on after going 4-1 up, but got complacent."

"If you are a neutral, it was wonderful to see eight goals. But as a Singapore fan, if we only won 4-3, then we'd lose the second-leg because it's not often we win in Malaysia."

But Malaysian supporter Azizan, 32, believes it will be tough for the Tigers in the second leg.

"In the first half, we looked tired and a bit nervous. We have to do better at home as Singapore will be difficult opponents," said the Johor resident.

Long after the match ended, both sets of fans could still be heard singing and chanting outside the stadium, and Ng felt the pulsating match and electric atmosphere showed Singapore football is back.

"I miss the atmosphere and Kallang Roar at the old National Stadium, and took my fiancee Rachel here because I wanted her to sample the atmosphere too," he said.

"With Singapore going back to Malaysian football, the atmosphere here tonight, Singapore football is definitely back."

Source: TODAYonline


Ultras Malaya (credit to Dunia Sukan Online)

Ini bideo kat luar stadium lak... Provoke-provoke manja gittew...

Credit to The New Paper

Hanya mereka yang ada dalam stadium tu dapat rasa ke%$@^$#^@ (tak tau nak describe macam mana). Bengang, tension, sebak, geram, hepi etc. Belum sampai beberapa jam dah dengar pelbagai cerita palsu. So diharap pihak luar paham dan teliti dulu apa yang berlaku. Harap Maklum

Apa Kata Honey: Malaysia  mesti menang 28 July nanti. Doakan kejayaan pasukan kita yer kawan-kawan. InsyaAllah....=)

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Azrul Hisham said... Reply Comment

kena menang..tu yg sebaik2nya...insyaAllah..

Abang Suara said... Reply Comment

selamanya harimau malaya~!!!!!!!!!

Hazwan Arif said... Reply Comment

insyaallah boleh menang pasni =)

syafiq said... Reply Comment

kesian tgk honey kene himpit time kejadian semlm..seb baik ade org tarik girls keluar dari seat dulu..hehehe

amy said... Reply Comment

cayok2 harimau malaya..never give up.. =)

Honey IsyQi said... Reply Comment


biasalah tu...hal kecik je...pengalaman xdpt dilupakan kot...

Honey IsyQi said... Reply Comment

@Azrul Hisham

InsyaAllah boleh...dpt 2-0 pun jadi lah...=)

Honey IsyQi said... Reply Comment


boleh bah tu...doa jak byk2...chayok2 =))

Anonymous said... Reply Comment

malaysia akan menang . insya'allah .

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