Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KOREA | Freshy Jeju Island

Assalamualaikum... =))

Yellow Rape Seed at Seopjikoji Hill, Jeju Island
Can u feel da nyaman picture above?? Taken at most popular place in Korea, Jeju-do. Very nice view u know, with breathtaking landscape everywhere, and also mingled with brilliant blue sea. Honey till terbayang-bayang their sweet fragrance, freshy wind and beautiful yellow rape seed flowers blossom that creates stunning natural landscape at Jeju Island. Subhanallah... =))

Holiday kat Jeju Island ni 3 hari jer, tapi sangat-sangat puas ati. Macam-macam tempat dan activity yang besh (click ni). Honey stay kat Ocean Suite Jeju Hotel, about 10minutes from the airport.

Gimpo Airport - Waiting flite to Jeju Island... =)
More About Korea Vacation!!!
KOREA : Part 5 (Coming Soon)

Apa Kata Honey: Fantastic Pictures will be upload later... =)

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Anonymous said... Reply Comment

bestnyewwww..holiday ke?

Ghab Van Hal said... Reply Comment

amboi, sikitnya cerita. cerita la lagi.

Afiq Flanker said... Reply Comment

Jeju the best place untuk vacation...

Honey IsyQi said... Reply Comment

nanti free baru crita...tenet slow la..huhu

Honey IsyQi said... Reply Comment

yup2...sgt besh dan nyaman...=)

Anonymous said... Reply Comment

we want more...hehehee

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