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KOREA | Romantic Naminara & Han River (Part 3)

Assalamualaikum... =))

Previous entry dah story about journey to Nami Island by ferry. Dan juga singgah kejap di Chuncheon Street, Winter Sonata Film Location. 


Welcome to Naminara Republic. Biarlah gambar yang berbicara... =))
Welcome to Naminara Republic
Malaysia boleh!!
Take photo between Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) tree. Gambar wajib when u come to Naminara.
Captured by Mr Vincent...
Start explore this romantic island. Here's the location for filming Winter Sonata at Nami Island.
Map - Location for filming Winter Sonata
Nami Island is all about LOVE:
Love Shape
Dustbin also!! Love~~
Pose wajib ala-ala K-Pop... Saranghae...=p
Writing this entry sambil nyanyi lagu Winter Sonata...hikhikk
Romantic Winter Sonata

Parts of island were used for filiming Winter Sonata. When it is shoots, the island looks like this:
Jun-Sang and Yu-Jin at redwood-lined road
When i shot, it looked like this:
redwood-lined road
Dah penat berjalan, singgah toilet jap. Something attract me about the toilet are interesting looks like the recycle garden. Also most of visitors wrote something on the wall. Tapi Honey tak tulis la...
come to Naminara, and write something here..huhu
One more thing, toilet dah jadi macam library pulak bcoz it have books inside!!
Books inside the toilet
also in here!!
Toilet yang sangatlah Korea...cute!
Dan ini antara benda menarik kat Naminara...

Subhanallah... =)
Sad white rabbit..motif??
Mr. Pinocchio 

A picture view of island overlooking the Han River
on my way goin back to jetty... 
Good Bye Naminara. Next time I datang lagi. InsyaAllah
Now, we are going back to Itaewon, having a dinner (awalnyerrr dinner??) at the same restaurant time breakfast pagi tadi. We had served with delicious Korean Bulgogi... Yummmmy3x

Korean Bulgogi

OK. Everyone satisfied with the foods. Kenyang dan Alhamdulillah. Now we made our way to the Han River jetty and ready untuk naek cruise pulak. Tak sabar nak explore bumi Seoul through water and see the beautiful scenery of this city from another perspective. =)
As the sun went down, Han River turned to a beautiful place. Subhanallah =)
Mr Vincent bought Cruise Ticket for us
I'm not sure the river cruise costs bcoz everything dah disetelkan oleh our tourist guide, Mr Vincent. Korang ble try google la ek. Kat sini Honey nak suggest kat korang to take the river cruise at night bcoz you will be amused of the playful lights of Seoul's skrycrapers and the beautiful fountain of bridges. Tak percaya? Ble tengok all the amazing pictures kat bawah nanti. hihihi =p
Han River Jetty
Welcome =)
Cruise costs and timetable
Are you ready?? =)
Dah masuk dalam cruise. Waiting the others and also Korean singer that will perform during this hepi-hepi trip.
Inside the Cruise - My sis busy with her camera.
Mr Wan - My only guy friend during these holiday.
Korean people also riding the cruise
After waiting about 15minutes, our Cruise start the journey along Han River. Now ready to breathe fresh air outside, also take pictures banyak-banyak.

Wowww!!! The view of Seoul at night is simply ohseemmm. Again, malas nak cakap banyak, biarlah gambar yang berbicara... =)
Kak Lin overlooking to the Han River
Seoul at night
Passed the bridge
Sejuk gilerr kat luar ni. Rasa macam dah beku satu badan. Tapi kuatkan diri gak semata-mata nak saksikan keindahan alam ni...
My elder sis
muka tahan cejuk...hihii
Xtao la ape yang Honey tengok tu...
During this trip, there are one amazing building yang dapat dilihat dari kejauhan. It was lit up with coloured lights and changes colour, like a beautiful rainbow. Sangat kagum dan happy that time. It was very pretty sight.
Colourful building... So menawan =)
That beautiful building is just like a check point where the Cruise make a U-Turn and going back to the jetty.
Beautiful Seoul at Night
The water and coloured lights from the bridge looks amazing
Arriving the jetty. Walaupun sangat sejuk outside the cruise, tapi sangat-sangat puas hati. I think the Han River Cruise is a perfect date gateway. It feels so romantic at night with city light glowing beautifully and scenery in the pleasant river breeze.
Nami Island and Han River Cruise - One day, I wished I had someone to share it with... =)
See you guys here, Honey IsyQi Corporation. Take care...

More About Korea Vacation!!!
KOREA : Coming Soon (Part 5)

Apa Kata Honey: Lepas baca balik entry ni, terasa ayat-ayat itu sangat jiwang. Tapi sesuwai la dengan tajuk dia kan...hehehe peace... =p

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